Notices of Week of 28 April 2022

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Bank Holiday Monday

Next Monday is a Bank Holiday, so please note many of the Church events that happen usually on a Monday are not happening. There is no:

Little Fishes at 9 am

Renew Ripon at 11.30 am

St John Ambulance at 6.30 pm

Everything else resumes after Monday

Little Fishes and all the other Monday activities back on Monday 9 May

Wednesday in the Arches

One of our house groups that meets on a Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm is having an open house session for the next 3 weeks. We will be running the short (3 week) introduction course: Hope Explored. This is designed for searchers but many feel it is a great course to do if you would like to be confident in explaining the gospel to someone using 3 main stories from Luke’s Gospel

Wednesday 4 May at 7:30 pm Wednesday in the Arches

Breakfast Club

Great News. Breakfast Club returns on Tuesday 3 May. Pop in on your way to school from 8:10AM

Happens Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Term Time. Breakfast Club

Services coming Soon 

Sunday 2 May

9 am Holy Communion 

10.30 am All Age 

6.50 pm Youth Service 

Tuesday 3 May

7.30 pm Trinity Tuesday

Tuesday through Thursday 

8.30 am Morning Prayer – on ZOOM. 

Our theme for Sunday is: The Conversion of Paul
Acts 9:1-20 and John 21:1-19

Renew Ripon 

Has been running for a few weeks now.  Please remember it is on and if you feel you need some space to just come and be, just pop in.  It is an ideal place to bring a friend or neighbour who doesn’t normally come to Holy Trinity too. 

There are two meeting times: 

Mondays 11.30 am to 1.30 pm (but not this week)

Tuesdays 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm 

Open the Book

Ripon’s Open the Book group have been videoing stories for the past 2 years but next week we are once again performing live in Ripon’s Schools. Please pray for the group and the children.

Mission Partner Prayer Focus 

This is the last week focusing on Salamati in Pakistan. We will have a new focus next week.

Please pray for the head teacher at Al Huda Pre-cadet school, and the teachers at this school too as they stand firm and provide Christian education in a majority Muslim area. 

Pray for the children currently being sponsored. 

Pray for the Rev. Mushtaq Raza Vicar of St. Peter’s church Waseem Park Lahore – the contact person for Al Huda Pre-cadet school, and  the Rev. Akram Gill Vicar of St Oswald’s church Mughalpura Lahore, under whose supervision the food program is run. 

Also pray for the families we are currently supporting with food etc. 

Also, pray that the donated items of clothing etc that are to be sent to Pakistan this summer will be delivered safely and distributed wisely to those in need.  

Thank God for the generosity of those people who have supported us financially and with donations, that God will continue to bless them. 

Pray for our next project, a free clinic at Kot Radha Kishan. We will face opposition from the influential Muslims families, as they would not want to see help being provided for these poor families. Please pray that there will be softening of hearts. 


Friday 29 April 

7 pm Friday Stichers 

Saturday 30 April 

9.30 am Fiddle Fingers

Sunday 1 May

10.30 am Hope Explored week 2

Friday Stichers

Wednesday 4 May

8.10 am Breakfast Club

10 am Health & Safety Committee

10 am Open the Book Cathedral School

7.30 pm Wednesday in the Arches 

Thursday 5 May

Tuesday 3 May 

8.10 am Breakfast Club

9.15 am Craft Club

11 am Tuesday Prayer Group

12 noon Alpha

6.30 pm Renew Ripon  

7.30 pm Trinity Tuesday

Trinity Tuesday

8.10 am Breakfast Club

10 am Ready Steady Mums 

12 noon Thursday Lunch 

2 pm Trinity Handbell Ringers

1.30 pm Craft and Natter

7.30 pm Worship Team Practise


Christian Aid Events Soon

7 May 2 pm a talk by Gwen Emegbo ChristianAidPosterMay22Talk (1).pdf  

20 May 7 pm Christian Aid Quiz – details soon 

23 June Black Dyke Band (multi charities) Black Dyke Ripon 2022 Poster.pdf 

Other News

CPAS The latest news from our Mission Partner CPAS can be viewed here: CPAS 

In2Out Here is the latest prayer update for this Mission Partner Prayer Update 

St Wilfrid’s Parade Chat and Chips on 26 April at 7 pm to discuss this years St Wilfrid’s Day. More details here: St Wilfrid Day Planning.pdf 

Ripon Theatre Festival. Festival

St Cecilia Orchestra performing at Holy Trinity


Here is the latest e-news from the Diocese: E-News

Here is the latest Scargill House Programme. Scargill House

St Cecilia Orchestra are performing at Holy Trinity on 11 June “An Evening in Italy”

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