The Electoral Roll of the Parish of Holy Trinity Ripon

The Church electoral roll is the foundation of the whole structure of synodical government in the Church of England.  For each Parish Church it contains the names and addresses of everyone who can vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Who can be on the electoral roll?

To be on the electoral roll a person needs to have been baptised, be at least 16 years old and either:
Living in the parish and a member of the Church of England or a Church in communion with the Church of England.

Not resident in the parish but is a member of the Church of England (or a Church with which the Church of England is in communion) and has regularly attended worship in the parish during the six months prior to enrolment.

A member in good standing of a Church which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and they are prepared to declare themselves a member of the Church of England, having regularly attended worship during the six months prior to enrolment.

Renewal of electoral rolls

Renewal of Electoral Rolls takes place only once in every six years. The last preparation of new rolls was in 2020 (late because of COVID 19), and the next will be in 2025.
In the intervening years, the usual annual revision of the electoral rolls takes place, where names are added and those who have either moved away, died or have resigned are removed.

Applying to join the Electoral Roll at Holy Trinity Ripon

Please download, print and complete the form listed below and submit it to the Church Office.

Electoral Roll Form