Mission Partners

Holy Trinity Mission Partners 

The Mission Partnership Group is a sub-committee of the Holy Trinity Parochial Church Council. 
As a Church we are very grateful for the generosity of those who worship with us. The Mission Partnership Group is tasked with distributing 10% of Holy Trinity’s income from our free will collections, whether in this country or overseas.   

Mission Partnership Group Prayer Rota & contacts for 2023 

Mission Partner Church Contact 
CMS – Andy & Kati Walsh, Brazil Sue I’Anson 
Wellspring Nicola Holdsworth 
CAP Jed and Julie Bates 
Salamati, Pakistan Wilf Gowing 
Jennyruth Workshops Sue Ankcorn 
In2Out Adele Martin 
Kajo-Keji College, South Sudan Cathie Rutter 
Y P’s choice – YMCA Ripon Matt Davis 
Artizan International Rob Ankcorn  
Scripture Union Rosemary Harrison 
CPAS Michael & Alison Montgomery 
Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania John Rutter 
Ripon & Rural Driving Service Alison Bradley 

Our Mission Partners divide into 2 categories: 

  • Major Mission Partners of which there are 5 receiving £2500 per annum
  • Minor Mission Partners, who total 9 in number & receive £500 per annum. 

Major Mission Partners  

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) provides free debt help and local community groups across the UK, which is based in Bradford. capuk.org/ Our free services, run with local churches, provide practical and emotional support and show people that there is always hope. 

CAP’s Vision 

As we look to the future, we’re launching a fresh expression of Christians Against Poverty’s vision. This is the world we want to see. This is the world we passionately seek. It’s a big vision, and it starts with people like you. 

Every change starts with an action that sets off a ripple effect. Together, we will strive to see transformed lives, thriving churches, and an end to UK poverty. 

Stewart McCulloch, UK Chief Executive 

Latest News for CAP

Christians Against Poverty
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In 2 Out is a Christian organisation based in Wetherby that works with young offenders being released from custodial sentences & assists them as they settle back into society allowing them to realise their potential. For information please visit www.in2out.org.uk 

Based in Harrogate but also working in Peru and Ecuador with differently able people providing them with skills and income. In Harrogate they run both a shop selling the products at 39 Oxford Street & Café round the corner on Cambridge Road, Harrogate. 

Latest News for Artizan Internation

Church Mission Society CMS 

A new project in Florianopolis, southern Brazil. Andy, Kati & Eva Walsh working with socially excluded people in Brazil’s Favela’s and spreading the gospel. 

Inequalities in Brazil are among the worst in the world. Florianopolis, in the south, has many favelas (slums), which are controlled by drugs and gangs and house much of the city’s population. Brazil is also home to some of the world’s most dangerous prisons. 
It is to these subcultures and “hidden voices”, where the Church struggles to be, that we feel called by God. 

Andy & Kati write: 

Our call: To bring the light of the gospel to marginalised sectors of the community through the unifying support of the local church in Florianopolis.  

Our role: To work with churches and NGOs towards social justice for the excluded and marginalised, to help them find life-changing hope in Jesus. churchmissionsociety.org 

You can find more information here churchmissionsociety.org

You can read Andy and Kati’s latest news here: News Letter number 9

Lake Rukwa Diocese 

A large (bigger than Wales) and very rural diocese in Tanzania until recently led by Bishop Mathayo Kasagara since its formation. Over the years +Mathayo has gradually built up the diocese. There have been many confirmations and eventually an ordination. Perhaps the greatest achievement has been to build a cathedral in Mpanda. Holy Trinity donated a bell. There is still no income other than donations from external sources. 

The exciting news from Lake Rukwa is that they now have a new Bishop: Bishop Ephraim Paulo Ntikabuze. His letter to us can be viewed here Lake Rukwa Letter along with some amazing photographs. 

Through the long connection with the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, both Ruth Deeth & Richard Neale have been appointed lay canons of the diocesan cathedral in Mpanda.  

Please pray for Bishop Ephraim as he starts his new ministry  

To your care and protection, Lord,  

we commit Bishop Ephraim 

of your goodness support him, 

with your love inspire him, 

by your spirit guide him 

and in your mercy keep him,  

now and always. Amen.


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Minor Mission Partners 


A charity set up by a former Holy Trinity curate Isaac and his wife Zoofi Lawrence. Salamati was the name of Isaac’s late mother, and it means, peace, safety and security.  

In John 20:21, Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the father has sent me, I am sending you.”   

The aim of the charity is to be those people who are sent by Jesus so that they can bring peace in the lives of people and their families by providing financial support to the families who struggle to educate their children and to those who are socially and economically deprived. This is done by paying school fees for the children and providing clothing and food for those in need.  

Proverbs 22:9 says, “The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor”. Alongside this we hope to provide free clinic to one of the most deprived areas where Christians are still living in bonded slavery.  

“‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matt 25:40).”  

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Latest News for Scripture Union

Scripture Union
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based locally supporting people with learning difficulties. The Evason family, whose father Barry set up the scheme, regularly worship with us at Holy Trinity


Jennyruth Workshops would love you to pray for: 

  • The new people who have just joined and that they settle in well; 
  • Their new extension that will commence in June and that it proceeds according to plan and that this will also lead to them being able to invite new workers to join them in their community. 

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Jennyruth Workshops
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This year for the first time we allocated the choice of one of our Mission Partners to the Young People at Holy Trinity & they have decided to support Ripon YMCA. Ripon YMCA offers Supported Housing for homeless, vulnerable or young people at risk of becoming homeless aged 16 – 35. Young people come to the YMCA from a variety of situations, usually when their family relationships break down, or they have been trying to live independently for some time and have struggled. 

They offer a safe and secure place to call home for up to 2 years, which gives the young people time, space and support to develop independence.  

Ripon YMCA actively supports young people to move-on to independent living. They aim for a planned, positive move-on for all and support them to achieve this outcome. The accommodation provided is bedsit facilities with communal showers and toilets, washing and drying facilities. 

Latest News for YMCA

Wellspring Therapy and Training 

Wellspring’s counselling service offers a safe and confidential space where people are listened to without judgement. 

What makes Wellspring’s work unique in the local area is that they offer affordable long-term counselling. This type of counselling is not widely available from the NHS. 

Telephone:- 01423 881881 

Email:- office@wellspringtherapy.co.uk 

Website:- www.wellspringtherapy.co.uk 

Address:- Wellspring House 

78 High Street 


HG2 7LW 

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Note New Number: 01765 357004

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Kajo Keji Christian College, South Sudan  

 “After spending 4.5 years in exile in northern Uganda, due to the violence in South Sudan, the College moved back to its premises in Romogi, Kajo-Keji in July 2021.  A lot of work had to be carried out beforehand to restore electrics, water and structures, and some is still ongoing.  The latest project is to build a chapel and restore classrooms. The College trains pastors and others seeking theological training, and also runs business and education courses, in a country where the education system is in disarray after years of civil war and violence.   

Many pastors have not previously had the opportunity for any formal training, and those trained at KKCC often proceed to have significant roles in their diocese.  It is one of the campuses which make up the Episcopal University of South Sudan, and the Principal, Rev Lule James Kenyi, is currently nearing completion of the PhD which is necessary for a Principal within the university.” kcuc.info 

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Church Pastoral Aid Society

CPAS is an Anglican evangelical mission agency which believes that the message of the gospel is relevant to all people, and that effective local church ministry is the key to seeing men, women, young people and children come to faith in Christ.   

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