Messy Church

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:13

Come and enjoy church and be uplifted.

What Messy Church is all about

Messy Church is about Family, Community and Faith in Jesus.

It’s an opportunity for ALL the family to come together – to do some activities based around a theme, to celebrate that theme in a gathering, and then to eat a meal together.

If you haven’t experienced Messy Church before the following might help:

Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality.

It’s for everyone, but is especially for people who don’t already belong to another form of church.  We aren’t running Messy Church to swell our Sunday congregation, although you would be made welcome at this too, but we are offering an alternative to families who, for what ever reason, may not find a Sunday service appropriate.

We meet on a Saturday afternoon which we have found suits many families.  This is usually on the second Saturday of each month.  Our programme is detailed below.

Messy Church typically includes a welcome; an extended creative time to explore a biblical theme or story through getting messy; a short celebration time around the theme or story; a prayer; and sometimes a song, games and similar activities; all followed by a sit-down meal together for the whole family at tables.

We aim to makeMessy Church fun.  We also hope that it models and promotes good ways of growing as a family: a nuclear family, an extended family, and a global and local church family.


The timings usually work as follows:

4pm – Doors open

4 – 4.45pm – Activities, crafts and games exploring the theme

4.50 – 5.00pm – Celebration based around the theme

5.05-5.45pm – A meal together.

There is no need to contact us – just turn up!  However, it does help if you can let us know you are coming.  This way we can be safe and ensure there are enough cakes to go around!!

Where and When